Tekniskill Resources is contract staffing company for Oil & Gas, Engineering, Energy and Mining projects worldwide. Looking Staff for our International client in India

Required experience : experience 3 year or above of hands on experience in commissioning
Any engineering degree, or technical qualification associated to high standard industry experience
Experience in handover / turnover process from construction team to commissioning team, Good multi-disciplines knowledge to lead walk downs of installation and establish punch list, Knowledge of engineering processes and engineering deliverables is a plus.
Knowledge of turnover commissioning packages content,
Ability to define level of priority for punch list items, and track them,
Knowledge of OPERCOM commissioning mythology is preferred, or other methodology based on system and sub-system breakdown
Knowledge of ICAPS or other commissioning IT tool is preferred, experience of other industrial IT tool relying on databases can be considered,
Ability to interface with various contractors / vendors / suppliers and to lead and review their work
Strong interpersonal skills, able to evolve in multicultural teams,
Ability to maintain firm positions, and handle pressure,
Rigorous, detailed oriented and self started
Experience of handovers on thermal plant, process plant, thermal processes, large mechanical equipments, outdoor installation, spread installation
Knowledge of database structure and operation is a plus
English : fluent
Hindi : a plus
Other languages valuables
In charge of the handovers from Construction Team to Commissioning Team, performing walk downs of the installation, establishing punch list
Maintain ICAPS IT tool on site, and support commissioning team in operation of ICAPS
Report to the project commissioning manager
Prior to the handover of sub-system from construction to commissioning:
- Develop a good technical understanding of the sub-system,
- Identify all the documents required in the Turnover Commissioning Package (TCP) documents from construction team / engineering team / Indian regulatory entities, and provide inputs to ICAPS
- Work closely with the commissioning scheduler and the construction scheduler to schedule handovers,
- Establish a walk down plan, targeting key visual inspection to perform on the installation, coordinating with the Commissioning Leaders
- Develop a punch list format for the various sub-system within ICAPS, work closely with the various engineering team and vendors,
- Ensure that ICAPS is properly maintained at the sub-system level (engineering data up to date, breakdown properly done, etc),
Lead the handover of sub-system from construction to commissioning:
- Request for a convocation from construction team to perform walk down of the installation, ensure that walk downs are performed on time, and that TCP documents are ready on time,
- Review the TCP documents
- Lead walk downs of the installation and perform the required visual inspection, cross checking with TCP documents, among all disciplines (mechanical, process, electrical, I&C)
- Establish the punch lists, identify items required for handover, required for start-up and required for final take-over by client,
- Reject handover when required if items are present in the punch list required for handover,
- Debrief with the commissioning leaders,
After the handover of sub-system from construction to commissioning:
- Follow-up with construction team for the clearance of the punch list items, and support commissioning leaders,
- Prepare the final take over by the client,
On a day to day basis :
- Ensure that ICAPS is properly operational and used by the commissioning team, and support the team,
- Prepared the reporting to be issued from ICAPS, reviewing the progress of the week, and the detail scheduling for the coming week
Support Commissioning Manager with organizational and reporting aspects.
Important to develop
Act a the referent for handover, and maintain strong position in interface with construction team, Experience feedback toward PMO and E&P methodology
Responsible of the preparation of the handover of the sub-systems
Manages the handover and the associated punch list
Responsible of the proper and efficient use ICAPS within the commissioning team
Ensure HSE is given the highest priority and refuse any sub-system that cannot be commissioned in proper safety conditions.

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