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Rise in Temporary Staffing

Posted By: Tekniskill Resources

There has been a considerable rise in the temporary staffing requirements. There requirements have been constantly rising due to recent struggles in the economy wherein organizations are refraining from hiring permanent or long-term employees. Most of the temporary requirements arise on project basis where technical or specialized skills are needed on case basis. These positions fulfill company requirements for temp workers and do not load them with full time employee payrolls.

Full time employees also need to be given permanent employee benefits as per country manpower recruitment laws. A large full time employee force also requires a complete devoted human resources division to be maintained separately. Mid to small size enterprises do not have such provision either moneywise or time-wise to maintain a separate HR division. Hiring temporary staff workers eliminates the need of an HR division and the same can be easily outsourced to a technical work force hiring agency.

Information technology has always remained a robust market where temporary staffing is concerned and software engineers have always been deployed on project basis at various locations on case basis. Health care industry has always demanded workers on ad-hoc basis especially in case of an outbreak or health concern uproar in any country or place. Apart from the healthcare professionals, health care industry also demands technical professionals for maintaining electronic health records, patient follow-up, cloud computing, big data analytics, etc.

Apart from the companies, specialized labor force also has grown its preference for temporary staffing. It also works for the employee, getting to try something on a temporary basis, evaluate the company, and gain some new skills. It enables a company to take ownership of their careers and take advantage of programs for training and developments in various fields. Moreover, employers also take advantage of hiring workers on temporary basis and evaluate them to assess their skills.

Oil and gas sector has seen a constant demand of skilled temporary work force for oil extraction and gas drilling. A complete lack of infrastructure in oil and gas sectors has led to rise in demand for highly skilled labour that are able to work in varied infrastructural as well as climatic conditions.

A new synonym Permatemps has been coined for temporary workers who have permanently on temporary jobs in the US. These workers have come into being after 2006 when they had come in the grip of being laid off due to recession. Companies also do not mind high employee turnover as long as they are saving on employee benefits and other costs by hiring permanent employees.

Moreover, nearly 87 percent of temporary workers have managed to regain their jobs as compared to only 50 percent of the permanent employees who managed to get their jobs back again permanently. Retail industry has also made its come back apart from the healthcare and education. Temporary staffing may continue to see steady growth as employers put off hiring in the face of weak global demand and fiscal uncertainty.



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