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Power and Energy Sector Recruitments

Posted By: Tekniskill Resources PL

Understanding the Power Sector:

Power and Energy sector is one of the strongest sectors in economy that remains free from any kind of recession is the power and energy sector. The simple reason is that people need power in the form of electricity viz. from industries to households, from offices to roads, everything heavily leans on power. Power sector has, thus become the base for economic development of a country.

Power sector is a labour intensive sector and has many forms in which it works. It could be hydro-power in form of electricity generation from a dam, solar sources, thermal power, wind energy, nuclear energy, etc. It needs different expertise for transmission and distribution of electricity to reach the end user. In most of the cases the generation and distribution is done by separate entities.
Emerging Need for Skilled Labour in Power Sector:

The above throws some light on the extent of employment potential of this sector, which needs workers like base level technicians and electricians to highly skilled and experienced manpower required for operations of generation of power.
Power and energy is a thriving sector in the world economy with countries like the USA, Australia, Europe being the major producers and consumers of energy. In Asia, Japan, China and India are large producers and consumers of energy. India exploits thermal, dam, wind and solar energy and has a huge network of dams in order to provide electricity to 1 billion plus population. Though we harness mostly non renewable sources a push has been given in the recent times to use more and more renewable resources.
After the railways, power sector is the second largest recruiter in India. This sector involves labour from all genres as it is labour intensive sector that requires workers with varied skills and forms. With growing population and increase industrial activities all over the world, every country is facing power shortage, and they want to step up their power generation, and they are setting up new power plants. All such increased developmental activities require more skill manpower of adequate skills and expertise. India is fortunate to have abundant skilled manpower to fulfil increasing demands.
Tekniskill Resources – A Resourceful Company for hiring skilled Workforce:
At Tekniskill, we help our international clients to recruit from the skilled Indian manpower. Client considerations are kept in mind, as in most of the developed countries power generation is done by use of renewable resources thus making our task a bit difficult.
At Tekniskill, we have helped our clients to fill various posts for their international locations. Some of the posts, which Tekniskill has filled, are project managers, mechanical and electrical engineers, quality engineers, construction managers, etc. The nature of employment in this sector also demands a lot of physical work involving site inspection, periodic maintenance, planned repairs, even break downs so that uninterrupted supply of power can be assured to the user.
The potential of Indian manpower to go, adjust and operate in international destinations is immense because of the conditions that they are shaped in by working in the Indian power and energy sector. Indian manpower is skilled in dam, thermal and wind power generation and Tekniskill has a huge database to serve its clients efficiently and effectively. 



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